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The Shirdi Sai baba constructed is supposedly the biggest Shiridi Saibaba temple construction activity being undertaken in Rayalseema (Kurnool, Cuddapah, Anantapur,..). The Temple site is spread over 1.5 acres and is situated on a hilltop. The corner stone and foundation for Saibaba throne has been laid out in 1994, by Vedic Brahmins and spiritual leaders. After nearly seven years of construction activity, the temple has reached into it’s final stages of construction. The total estimated budget for the temple is around 76 Lakh rupees. The temple is constructed with white marble stone for the most part. Saibaba statue is made of white marble stone and is built in Jaipur-Rajastan. The sanctum sanatorium also houses deity Datta, Lakshmi Devi and Anjaneya. The meditation hall is being constructed to facilitate seating for at least 800 persons.

Significance of the Temple: This temple will be a significant spiritual and community gathering center as there are very few Saibaba temples around this place and also has a large community that live in and around Peapully. The temple site is located on NH-7 and so is expected to draw a lot of devotees who commute on NH-7. The site is very close to NH-7 and the Shri Saibaba temple’s main door faces the NH-7 and is approximately 50 meters from NH-7. Arrangements are being made to facilitate darshan for devotees who commute on NH-7. Interested sai devotees can check contributions page for further information or contact the administration for further information or other concerns.

About Temple  
Temple: 2.30 Acer Land
Guest Rooms: 4 Rooms
Dinning Hall: 35' * 70'
Kitchen Hall: 35' * 70'
Meditation Hall: 21' * 43'
Utensils: (Can be used to cook ) 1000 People
Kalayana Mandapam  0.50 Land acquired